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Enduro de Nueve - The Second Annual Enduro from the Pisgah Brew Crew

(what follows is the post i put up on my race teams site, Justin Mitchell and I organized this race)

The Second annual Enduro from Crow’s Next Productions consumed the lives of a few dedicated riders this past June 13th and 14th. Known as the ED9 or Enduro De Nueve, this race awards the title - Most Bad Ass Mountain Biker in the World, to the rider that accumulates the most points over the course of the weekend. The weekend consisted of the following events:

· Cross-Country Race

· Skinnies

· Wheelies

· Speed Trials

· Night Time Pump Track Time Trial

· Dodge Ball (non-biking)

· Derby

· Uphill Race

· Downhill

· Short Track Downhill

· Lake Jump

The Enduro is really just an opportunity for a few people with mad skills to get together, show off these skills, push their skills and have an unbelievably fun time doing it. Last year it was thrown together at the last minute, on a shoe string, underground, and sketchy, and turned out amazing. And the all the same goes for how it came together this year. Points were awarded a little bit differently this year. Last year the only people scored were those that were there for pretty much the entire weekend. This year we gave anyone, even random passers by, the opportunity for points in this event. The number of people participating in any one event equaled the max points awarded and it went down from there. In addition the first, second and third place winners of each event received bonus points (3, 2, 1 respectively). The above events were 11 of the 12 events of the weekend. The 12th event was “Winning the Party”, which is determined by, the main score keeper at the commencement of the party, which of course is when the Party Winner is done. And finally, additional participation points were awarded - the number of events participated in was added to the total (1-12 points).

It all began at a local trailhead Saturday morning. Marshall Hance pops out at the end of his ride just as people begin gather. He had just completed the course in 47:30, so that was the time to beat. Marshall came and raced before everyone since he had to work all day and miss out on many events which he would have certainly dominated in. Eventually everyone racing made it and was ready to go. Chief Volunteer Kylee Cross and Organizer Beth, lead the racers out down the road to the official start. Special guests to this ride included Adam Ray, pro road racer, hill climber extraordinaire, and Adam Engell - a totally random guy to us who had just finished riding this trail. Adam Engell was training for an up and coming race that covers the same ground and seemed pretty stoked to hop on to this little group ride, for a cool down maybe? The race began and Adam Ray kills it up the climb, dropping everyone but Adam Engell and they kill it till the end. Also on this trail were people who had never seen this technical challenging fast hard trail before. This included Eric Nicoletti, from Georgia, who arrived the day before with his pregnant wife of 8 months, her friend and their 4? year old child. Eric, who got turned around on the course, still managed to come in top 5, setting the tone for the weekend of subtlety killing it across the board.

Results for the Cross Country Race:

1. Adam Ray - 45:45
2. A. Engell - 46:52
3. Marshall - 47:30
4. Dunn - 51:03
5. Nicoletti - 51:05

From here we traveled to Industry Nine, where the afternoon events took place. Snacking on fresh pasta salad and Pisgah Brew riders spent the next few hours preparing for the Skininies, speed trials, wheelie competition, and a dirt sprint with jumps. We were sad to have to bail on the Bunny Hop and Dirt Jumping competition, but a lot had already happened and a lot still needed to happen to finish this day of events and it was a sacrifice, benefiting some in the end, hurting others.

As photographers Jeff Zimmerman and Bryan Bloebaum began to catch air on camera, Johney Massey dominated the skinny ride, Travis and Justin killed the speed trials, and Ryan Taylor showed everyone how to ride wheelies.


1. Massey

2. Travis

3. Jut

4. R. Taylor

5. Denny MF Stevenson

Speed Trials

1. Travis

2. Jut

3. Nicoletti

4. Winston

5. R. Taylor


1. R. Taylor
2. Nicoletti
3. Dunn
4. Massey
5. Gabe

Before heading out to take a break and grab dinner, we fit one more quick race in. A “dirt sprint” through part of the jumps and pump track of Industry Nine’s back yard. Our youngest rider began his participation here in this quick ride through the yard. Ian, Otto’s son, laid down an amazing time it just like his dad.

Dirt Sprint

  1. Kevin Burkhead
  2. Otto
  3. Denny MF Stevenson
  4. R. Taylor
  5. A. Winston

While dusk set in, ferries descended upon the Kenilworth pump track and set up tea lights throughout the dirt and grass. Around 9 something it was dark enough to start the time trial, and Otto and Ian went out for the first runs so that Ian (4 yrs old) could make bed time. This event was nearly impossible to score as each “pedal stroke” was a 7 second penalty and with it being dark we had to go on the rider’s honest opinion as to how many pedal strokes they had or had not needed. I do feel confident that the top riders nailed the whole course without penalty, and therefore got the points that they deserve. Otherwise, sorry, ya know… its really just a bunch of people hanging out so it doesn’t really matter.

Jeff Moreadith (1st) and 3rd place Marshall Hance are two people who know every curve of this track so well they could ride blindly and then there is the out-a-towner-Eric Nicoletti, 2nd place, never been here before, dropping jaws. We did find out later that Eric rides a lot at night.

Night Time Pump Track Time Trial

  1. Jeff Moreadith
  2. Nicoletti
  3. Marshall
  4. Callum
  5. A. Winston

From the pump track those that were still in it to win it, cruised on to the ole flint street bike house to continue to work on the keg from Pisgah Brewing Company.

A killer party ensued and once ready we took off for the local park where we separated in to 4 teams of 5 and had a quick dodge ball tourney where we had our second major injury of the weekend – Travis seriously rolled an already bunk ankle in a heated match on the old fenced in basketball court. Again this year, Justin brought his team in to the final match and dominated to be the last man standing.

It was getting late.. was it 1.. 2..? Participant numbers were getting low but we still had to have a derby. The derby happens fast. Everyone gets on their bikes and as soon as your foot goes down you are out. Adam, the local favorite, dominated again.


  1. Winston
  2. Denny MF Stevenson
  3. Troy
  4. Jut
  5. Nicoletti

We began to loose more and more participants to the lateness of the evening. This is when the “winning the party” competition begins. A posse of seriously ready to dance ladies and a few key dancing participants, Callum, Justin and Massey tore up the rug and bounced the bass under our roommates room (SORRY!). I battled the majority with respect to the volume. It was too hard to fight for a low volume as the Enduro is a once a year, unprecedented, history making event and this was all part of the competition. Eventually (around 4 am) I finally seized on a dancing break and killed the music. Up until this point Eric Nicoletti was still hanging out (!!!), with a 4 year old and pregnant wife sleeping above. He eventually caved as the last 4 chatted it up on the front porch. Adam, Callum, Justin and Massey and I had one last laugh and said good night and see ya in a few hours at the next trail head for the uphill/downhill battle.

Party Winning

1. (Tie) Adam, Callum, Justin, Massey
5. Nicoletti

However, I actually won the party.. its part of my job on this weekend.

Photo credits to: Bryan Bloebaum's Blue Tree Images and Jeff Zimmerman Photography
More pictures here

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Sunday Morning, just like Saturday morning, I sleepily emerged from my room around 7 am to find Eric Nicoletti beaming in the hall. Drinking coffee and hanging out with his 5 year old before another big day of events. Just another test of the Most Bad Ass Mountain Biker in the World - Who can get their ass out of bed after a late and long night of dancing, dodge ball, derby and drinking.

Arriving only a little late, we found the folks who didn’t hang the night before were at the trailhead doing laps getting ready to throw down on this uphill. This trail’s a favorite downhill ride - fast, straight and steep. As a climb it was steady, rideable and painful, yet short. At 12:26:00 riders started the climb. Finishing the climb at 12:49:03, Marshall came in just ahead of Will Black, who, word on the street has it, that either he let Marshall win, or he didn’t really know where he was going. Either way, these are the finishing times we got.

Uphill Race (start 12:26:00)
1. Marshall 12:49:03
2. Will Black 12:49:06
3. Denny MF Stevenson 12:50:27
4. Adam Winston 12:51:02
5. Ian Baldwin 12:51:41

Two bikes allowed each this year meant more bikes to carry.

Kyley and Laura had sprinted up the hill ahead of racers, to set up for timing. I cruised with first aid kit, watch and Jesse to the finish of the downhill. After waiting for what felt like an eternity, Marshall pops out of the woods to report on how intense the trail felt, “it felt like my bike was flexing all over underneath me, but it was really the trail moving.” A scary downhill, but oh so much fun! Suddenly rider number 2 pops out – Otto. Marshall knew instantly that Otto had gone faster by only a few seconds. No surprise that Justin came in third on his Maverick, he definitely wanted it enough. But then wait.. It’s Eric Nicoletti!, who had NEVER ridden this trail, EVER. Wow! It’s not an easy descent, and he really nailed it.

1. Otto 3:52
2. Marshall 3:59
3. Jut 4:17
4. Eric Nicoletti 4:18
5. Ian Baldwin 4:19

From here we emerged from the woods and were on our way to the finale at John Caldwell’s Compound. Just days before, I.R.L. Construction Cooperative had secured the lake jump, but still more work had to be done to make it safe.

We needed to line it with shingles, test the water depth, then test the jump. Callum Robertson, of I.R.L. Construction, didn’t hesitate for a second before jumping in the algae covered lake to confirm that it was definitely safe. And before we chopped off the top foot of the jump, Callum was the first to launch off. Meanwhile, I am sucked in to a computer, compiling times and places, and converting them to scores.

It was time to get the short track downhill started, but the scene was just not safe. Friends and riders helped fix that. Lines were set up, areas cleared, and the 30+ second short track downhill formed. It ran through garden dirt jumps, huge step-downs, through a small clan of folks barbecuing, road gap, mega monster log pile, to a sprint finish by the lake where I recorded the stop time. With a crude walkie-talkie and stop watch timing mechanism, Laura and I attempted to properly record, very short times that came down to the hundredths. Everyone had two runs, and after the first run it looked like John Caldwell might take it with the home court advantage. However, seriously amazing bad ass Kevin Burkehead was clearing the road gap and saving seconds with mad skills. Otto, winner of the mornings downhill race, nabbed second, with Caldwell barley beating Mike Mooney on a Tall Bike or really, what we might call a Monster Bike.

Short Track Downhill
1. Kevin Burkhead 0:30.34
2. Otto 0:30.83
3. Caldwell 0:31.02
4. Mooney 0:31.87
5. Jut 0:31.91

It was time for the event I had been dreading the most and was the moat excited about – The Lake Jump. Knowing that it was going to be safe really eased minds and then it was just a matter of who was going to hit this thing. 7 people stepped up to the competition: Callum, Kevin Burkhead, Mooney, Winston, Denny MF Stevenson, Eric Nicoletti, and Justin. With hound dog Walter yelping his heart out with every lake jump, the crowd cheered and the judges judged, from the banks of the lake to the bass fishing boat. Three or four judges averaged their scores on a 1-10 scale based on wow factor, style, effort and other things that I don’t know at all because I wasn’t judging. I was running the downhill course over and over again, having missed out on all the spectation of this event, it was nice to at least get some runs in.

As Dunn and Massey caught fish and Bryan Bloebaum made history with his wicked shots of lake jumpers. Pictures tell many more words here.

What was likely the winning jump - #1 Callum Robertson launched off in a cork screw rotation with serious speed and awesome overall enthusiasm.

Second place lake jumper Kevin hit the top of the ramp so hard the front wheel tacoed and shot the tube out of the tire (look closely).
3rd - Mike Mooney with absolute showmanship

Adam Winton

Denny Muthafckin’ Stevenson

Eric Nicoletti

Justin Mitchell

After the last lake jump, we commenced to the lawn and enjoyed a classic southern home cooked bbq. Points were added, and the final winners were announced.

Eric Nicoletti with 119 points, stood out at the MBAMBW. A total stranger to the area, finds our totally cryptic blog post, gets in touch with us and shows up to crash on my Flint St. floor with his very pregnant wife, her friend and their kid. Wow. With full participation, his event placing broke down as follows: XC (5th), Skinnies (6th), Trials (3rd), Wheelie (2nd), Dirt Sprint (6th), Pumptrack (2nd), derby (5th), Party (4th), Uphill (7th), downhill (4th), Short Track DH (6th), Lake Jump (6th). Never winning any one event, but having so much overall talent and tenacity. If we had been as lax with passing out bonus points as we were last year, or as arbitrary with how they added up, he would have surely received serious bonus points for showing up and pulling it all off in all of the ways that he did. Thank You Eric Nicoleti. Hope we can do it all again next year.

Final Scores (number of events participated in)

1 eric nicoletti 119 (12)
2 Winston 102 (12)
3 Jut 100 (12)
4 Denny MF Stevenson 87 (12)
5 John Massey 77 (11)
6 Otto Meinert 74 (7)
7 Marshall 72 (5)
8 Greg Dunn 71 (9)
9 Kevin Burkhead 67 (6)
10 Gabe 56 (8)
11 Travis Nevill 54 (6)
12 Ryan Taylor 52 (4)
13 Callum 44 (5)
14 Matt Johnson 35 (4)
15 Mike Brown 34 (6)
16 Troy Foster 31 (11)
17 Mac 28 (6)

Major thanks to - All of the rest of the people that raced and played along.

Justin Mitchell for coming up with the whole idea, for his determination in seeing the lake jump come to fruition and for graciously passing the title.

Kyley Cross for racing to the top of trace ridge Sunday morning, dragging multiple racers around from point to point, taking pictures, record keeping, having fun and a bunch of other things.

Jeff Zimmerman and Bryan Bloebaum, Phil Shaw for catching mad air and classic bicycle shots.

John Caldwell and Nicole for hosting the afternoon’s festivities. Your place was beautiful and the bbq was unreal!

Lela Stephens and everyone else that I didn’t notice because my head was in a computer, who brought and cooked other excellent food. It was a long weekend, we were hungry.

Pisgah Brewing for providing a Keg of James Brown and Lori Diehl for her love for us at Pisgah.

Industry Nine and Jeff
for letting us create a huge liability in your back yard while we do amazing things on your wheels.

Jeff Moredith for the Kenilworth Pumptrack.

Lara Lustig, Laura Goetz, and Kelly Cowan for hanging and helping and general shenanigans! And Lara you will be more in charge of scoring next year, fyi.

Chris Bennett for his incredible cookies and help at Industry Nine.

And to Ian and Melissa for not kicking us to the curb after the party.

I hope we can make it all happen again next year. The sooner you let us know that you are interested in participation, the sooner you will find out the ever so important "Save the Date". Otherwise you might not hear about it at all.

-- Beth Roberts

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventure Race 2009

A nice long day in the woods....

at the moment I don't know how long-- definitely longer than 10 hrs... in the 11 hr range...

>65 miles, > +/- 12,000 Ft. Climbing... route finding and rerouting included.

Black Mtn --> buckhorn --> 1206 -->225 -->1206 -->pilot rock --> Laural Mtn --> Bradley Cr. Rd. --> Bradley Crk. --> South Mills --> Cantrell Crk --> Sqrl Gap --> S. Mills River --> Buckhorn -> BLACK MOUNTAIN and DONE!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

riding and riding and riding

Ok.. now in moab..
Have been riding since we flew in on Monday..
This is what we’ve ridden..

Russell’s Loop (Woooohooo! We made it to fruita! Awesome views and classic riding)

From Fruita, Colorado

Horsestheif branch (ok.. here is some gnarly shit.. and then a perfect sweet trail)

From Fruita, Colorado

18 Road
Prime Cut (the Single Track alternative to climbing on the road.. ok I’ll take it, just don’t hit the massive piles of poo.. or the calf in the trail)

From Fruita, Colorado

Chutes and Ladders (name says it all, wtf, ok wait.. I need to do that again..)

From Fruita, Colorado

Kessels Run (x3ish both ways) (the best slalom course you’ve ever ridden…ever)

From Fruita, Colorado

Western Zippity (nice chill climb with rad views like most things round these parts)

From Fruita, Colorado

Part of Front Side (oh woops, the switchbacks are up not down.. sorry)

From Fruita, Colorado

Joe’s ridge (holy –F my mom’s going to kill herself, this is not the place to talk about loosing one’s balance, seriously)

From Fruita, Colorado


Zippity Doo Da. (kicking Robbie out of his sleeping bag on to the trail, we blazed down this Trail- super exposed steep and wicked fun, look for the photo shoot he had there last week in a magazine coming soon)

From Fruita, Colorado


Slick Rock.. (fun with mom, look closely and you'll see her twice in this stitched photo)
From Fruita, Colorado

From Fruita, Colorado

Slick Rock.. (fun with Ken and Scott)

From Fruita, Colorado

Chili Pepper (super gnarly bad ass fun with ken and scott)
From Fruita, Colorado

Dinner at Kens

From hangin in moab

Ken (THE Ken Moody) wants some props for being on the cover of these here it is:

From hangin in moab

Cool Dudes who like to ride bikes too and be goofy

From hangin in moab

more riding tomorrow....